Who are Redbrain?

We’re the largest Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) provider across Europe.

We promote retailers’ products in the Google Shopping results carousel, driving sales, complementing existing activity and only earn a commission when we drive a sale.


What can you offer us, beyond what we’re running / seeing already?

We’re Google Shopping experts!  We’ll use our knowledge to optimise data and drive you sales.

Our activity will complement your existing campaigns, we’re here to drive incremental performance.  

We’re fronting the cost of the clicks, our service is risk free and with no tie-ins why not simply give Redbrain a go.


How do we get started?

Once you have the app installed, just follow the simple integration steps, we’re here to help if you need additional support contact us at: support@poweredbyredbrain.com


What commission rate do you charge on a sale?

The 12% commission rate Redbrain for Shopify charge is calculated on subtotal basket value and is on sales before returns. Commission is charged on the item amount only. You are not charged commission on shipping costs. In the UK and EU, commission is charged on the VAT-inclusive price. The 12% commission rate factors in an average returns rate, meaning that commission is charged on all orders irrespective of returns/cancellations that are made after the transaction is complete. Redbrain for Shopify shares the customer details with the merchant so they can re-market to the customer, so even if an item is returned/cancelled, there is still intrinsic value to the transaction.


What happens with cancellations?

The 12% commission rate Redbrain for Shopify charge is calculated on subtotal basket value and is on sales before returns.


Can you work to budgets?

Yes, we can. You can manage the maximum Redbrain can charge you over a 30-day billing cycle via the Billing Cap in our App. Once we hit this cap, all activity will be paused, and your products will no longer be advertised in Google until you increase the limit or once it’s reset which is every 30 days.
You can also contact us at support@poweredbyredbrain.com to discuss in greater detail.


We sell accessories, homeware, can we upload these too?

Yes, you can upload any product within our catalogue, as long as it adheres to the Google Shopping policies HERE.


How long does it take before we start to see sales coming through?

It’s different for every store, Redbrain will be working in the background and we aim to start delivering traffic to your store within two weeks of you downloading the app.


What sort of reporting do we have access to?

You’ll be able to track sales and commissions through the Shopify app.  We can also provide additional reporting showing greater campaign insights.  Please contact us at support@poweredbyredbrain.com to discuss.


Can we stop at any time?

Yes, simply remove the app from your store or contact us at: support@poweredbyredbrain.com


I already work with you through an Affiliate Network.  Can I also work with you through your Shopify app?

At this moment in time, if you’re already signed up with an Affiliate Network, we’re unable to work with you through our Shopify app.


Do you only offer activity in the UK?

Yes. However, watch this space.


Do you record customer information?

We don’t store personal information as it’s not required for the operation of our app. In the interest of GDPR compliance, in the event of a user requesting data or data redaction, we record a log of this to demonstrate request acknowledgement.




Does Redbrain bid on our brand name?

Google Shopping campaigns are managed at the product and category level, rather than by brand name or keyword bidding.  This simply means that we don’t tell Google the terms we want to show for and we’re not brand bidding.  Ever.

It’s down to Google’s algorithms to determine which results appear in the carousel which is why we’ll be looking at product titles and the data that you pass across to us via the feed to ensure that we’re optimised for the best possible performance.


If you’d rather we don’t show for brand searches let us know and we can negative match these in our system.  We do encourage our partners to allow us to show for brand searches as often you’ll find that your competitor’s results will be showing for your brand terms and we can potentially push these from the carousel and make it more likely for you to generate a sale.


How will Google Shopping CSS impact our own PPC activity? 

If you’re running your own Google Shopping campaigns our CSS activity will complement your own.  Overall visibility and performance can increase significantly by opting in to Redbrain’s CSS.


Will CSS increase our CPCs?

No! We’re happy to let you know that Google Shopping is structured so that merchants are never bidding against themselves. Google can recognise when multiple CSSs are bidding on behalf of the same merchant and allows the winning CSS to only pay the next highest bid of another merchant. If you’d like to read Google’s official documents please click here.

Redbrain CSS Details